Homemade Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory

Homemade Turmeric Supplement

Homemade Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory

Here’s a homemade recipe for a turmeric supplement for those of us who can’t afford the high price of that fancy stuff with the syringe. I’m making it very simple. No measurements. Initially, I thought I’d try gel caps. Well, they are $10 for a bag of 100.

Why would you be interested in a turmeric supplement? Turmeric is highly anti-inflammatory. I’m not sure there is anything more powerful. I have staved off oncoming Crohn’s flares, healed quickly from surgery, and avoided taking steroids (or worse) as a result of using this. (I’m sure someone would debate me on this, but experience is my best proof.) Anyone with an IBD or inflammatory issue such as arthritis may benefit from this medicinal root.

Start with ground turmeric or fresh grated turmeric. Stir in enough melted virgin coconut oil to make the mixture pour-able. Add your preferred sweetener if it suits your AIP (Autoimmune-Protocol). I used stevia. There is some controversy about stevia. The white stuff is obviously highly refined. I also recently learned that it may affect hormones which could be dangerous for autoimmune issues, so I’m phasing it out. The Paleo Mom wrote about The Trouble with Stevia.  Date paste, honey, maple syrup,  and glycerine are other options. I’m on the look out for pill sized molds. Until then, my method is to pour the mixture into an ice-cube tray, filling each square only 1/4 inch high. When the mixture has hardened, break the cubes into quarters, put them in a jar and store them in a freezer.

*Optional: Add black pepper if tolerated to increase bio-availability of turmeric. Add cinnamon for flavor and to assist in blood sugar regulation.

I let one piece melt in my mouth to smooth out the hard edges and then swallow with a little water usually before all of my meals.

Happy healing everybody!

Update: As of April 1st I’m completely Paleo AIP! I also just completed my first 21 Day Sugar Detox!


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