Avocado Ice Cream: Dairy, Egg, Nut, and Refined Sugar-Free

Dairy, Egg, & Nut Free Kiwi Avocado Ice Cream

Here’s a recipe I whipped up to keep from caving into the call for conventional ice cream. This is sweet and creamy without the evils of dairy and white sugar. It also contains 14% DV of dietary fiber!

In my opinion, managing cravings is not just a matter of will, or emotional health. It is very connected to physical health. Nutritional deficiencies are responsible for the majority of cravings. Unfortunately most people don’t even know they have a deficiency.

I take supplements – like probiotics, vitamin C, magnesium glycinate, vitamin D, iron, and vitamin B-12 for absorption issues due to intestinal damage. If I’m lacking any of these nutrients, my appetite can become out of control. (Magnesium and zinc also help to keep the anxiety and depression under control.) Regular sleep is also essential. Did you ever wonder why you feel like you could eat a house when you haven’t been sleeping well? It’s because  hormones are disrupted by poor sleep.


Avocado Ice Cream

Inspired by: this recipe

1/2 avocado

1/2 c coconut milk

1-3 T date paste, or maple or honey to taste

Add ingredients to a 4 c liquid measuring cup. Puree with a stick blender. Add to ice cream maker or pour into an ice cube tray and freeze. It should freeze in a couple of hours. Pop cubes out. Put the cubes back into measuring cup and puree with a stick blender; or toss them into a food processor and process until smooth.

I suggest making large batches of this recipe. The cubes can be stored in the freezer until you are ready for a treat.

Also, this can be okay for the 21 Day Sugar Detox by skipping the sweetener altogether. The sweetness of the coconut milk alone is a treat.

This is nice and rich. A great base for other flavors. Although the color may not be desirable. Try coconut flakes or other crunchy toppings.

Serves 2

Kiwi Avocado Ice Cream

Add 1 chopped kiwi to the above recipe. Peel it if you like. I used 2 T maple instead of dates. The result was sweet and tangy. I didn’t even taste the maple.

If you have a lot of gut inflammation, kiwi may not be okay for you. Use your intuition based on how your body reacts to other foods that are raw, citric, contain seeds, or are highly fibrous. Try introducing new foods by first eating 2 T of that food by itself first thing in the morning. Monitor your reaction over the next few days.



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