Damned Beggar

This is a response to a prompt to write a curtal sonnet. Although it is a six line stanza followed by a 4 ½ line stanza, it doesn’t feel like a sonnet to me. I decided it was actually 3 couplets followed by an extended quatrain. What does it matter anyway, lol?

I looked up the inventor of the curtal sonnet, Gerard Manly Hopkins, and am pleased with the three he wrote, especially “Peace,” which has some similarity in ideas to this poem I wrote– in my eyes. Ash Boughs” is special to me as well, since I worry about my Ash tree friends’ survival.


Curse thieves of my energy,

or curse me being a fool.


Curse takers that not give,

or curse me forgetting myself .


Curse life’s injustice,

or curse me obscuring peace.


Please help me be open and soft.

Please help me be brave and strong.

Please save me from hell on Earth.

Please take me from misery.

Have mercy.

All My Guts and Soul


© J. Rae


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