I attended a video screening and discussion today of The Next American Revolution featuring historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz.

I’ve never been enamored with economics or politics. There is a necessity in understanding both however. Thank God— or whatever you like—this guy finds it fascinating. For someone who professes to be purely analytical, he has managed to add a high element of humanity to his presentation. He says “maybe” an awful lot. I suspect he is more of an optimist than he thinks.

All this aside, my mystical mind was tickled pink with the validation of my longtime vision of what would fix this and what the future could be. I love being in groups of people whose intention is to understand better and make change to benefit all. I was basking in the energy created by this meeting. The energy flowing up from my legs to my noggin continued for quite some time. I also had a hard time allowing the pain I felt for the world. I came to the conclusion that it’s necessary for me to feel it in it’s entirety.

Make all the products! Grow all the food! Own all the companies! Activate all the co-ops and credit unions! Work all together! Be strong like the unions of the past! Etc. and so on. Woo-hoo!

This song popped into my head today.

Actually the phrase, “you know it’s gonna be alright” was whispered in my ear by an unseen angel. It pertained to my personal life, but it reminded me of the bigger picture. It may not be alright for awhile. It’ll take patience and time. Damn another Beatles tune. I adore them. Actually it’s a George Harrison tune. Pretty catchy. Smile


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