Mercury Retrograde

Not everyone subscribes to astrology—I do. The more aware I am of myself , the more I make a point of learning about it. I’ve noticed in the last few months that I am sensitive to the changes of the moon, and decided that it was in my best interest to make sure I prepared for those changes. I’m guessing that’s true for all the satellites out there (not the ones putting your house on google image, Silly). It is certainly true for me when it comes to Mercury when it is in Retrograde. I’m clumsier than usual, more emotional, technology gives me more trouble, and communication gets confused. I wish I could sleep through the whole damn thing, but that would be a good quarter of the year. Mercury Retrograde is a time to slow down, to be impeccable, to reflect, to research, and prepare for what’s coming.

How lucky for me, that I chose to find a new home and to sign a lease during this time. That’s a little sarcastic, but I’m guessing it was meant to be. It was meant to stretch me a little. Many things went awry during this time. You may get a hint of some of that from the following post I shared with a Mercury Retrograde “support group.” Yup, it exists.

I’m thinking of the lessons I may be called to learn: Never put your keys in shallow pockets. Never buy clothes with shallow pockets. Never push yourself to go outdoors after sunset when you’re tired. Triple check for keys, phones, and bus pass. Have extra keys made up, label them, and write down who you gave them to. When moving, have a central container for all those things most important and always know where it is. Stay focused on the important things even when distracted by the demands of others. Never trust a landlord.

Never let a landlord rush you to make a decision. See the entire building and meet the neighbors before signing the lease. Refuse to sign the lease without a copy on site. Read the lease before signing. Never assume a friend is going to keep you from doing something stupid.

During retrograde, assume all emails, texts, calls, and conversations will be misunderstood. Take extra care to be clear and send reminders. Assume you will be late. Leave earlier. Watch where you’re going. Keep a good grip on what’s in your hands. Sleep well. Meditate often. Avoid getting wound up by someone else’s shit. Wait. Write. Reflect.

Mostly I’ve noticed that my intense feelings of being unsafe are still not resolved. I’m easily triggered by another’s similar feelings as well as by dishonesty or lack of concern. That is old childhood shit that I’d like to stop carrying around, or at least I’d like to drop what is not necessary.

This particular Mercury Retrograde was very powerful since it was in the sign associated with the planet Mercury–Gemini. That’s what I gather from the experts anyway. The effects started several weeks earlier than the actual period of retrograde, and the effects are still being felt now. It is supposed to be resolved by the 27th. I’ve done my best to avoid communication and technology and to use my time for reflection and research. Gradually, I’m testing the ground. I found my bus pass—to bad it’s two weeks expired. My landlord finally gave me my lease. I’m working on the soft release of my blog. Good stuff is on it’s way!

Artistic Impression of Mercury

Artistic Impression of Mercury



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