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I’ve been spiffing up my silly little blog lately– before I promote it to a wider audience. Today I realized a lot of my local friends have access to it. Most of them know I like poetry, not about my obsessions with physical & mental health, food, and whining about shit. But there’s no poetry listed yet!

I didn’t major in writing, English, or literature. I wrote my first poem at age 6, but it’s no masterpiece. I wrote sporadically throughout my life, mostly in my 20s; but I never did anything with it.I never published anything—well one letter to the editor about bomb trains and the foolishness of fossil fuels. I’ve only been putting a noticeable effort into poetry since about 2011.

This renewed passion for poetry has a little something to do with being involved in communities that appreciate and promote it. First I snuck a poem into the Occupy Albany collection of writings. It has probably been sucked into a black hole. Then I submitted a few poems to the Oracle, a yearly (depending on those who work on it) arts journal put out by my religious society. I stumbled into an open mic one night. I asked what it was they were doing. They said, “poetry.” So I decided to stay and listen. Then I came back and started reading and going to other poetry events too.

So since I have no hoity- toity blah, blah, blah to say about my work, I came up with a creative and slightly sarcastic bio for myself. Before the introducing the bio, I want you to know that I have paranoid thoughts and am very cautious, so this is a big deal that I’ve got all this stuff out to the public. I do believe I’m making some progress! I figure if Ed Snowden can handle living in a surveillance state —well poor example—umm…

This is the long version:

Jessica Rae is an undisciplined poet, social and environmental justice advocate & activist, musician, artist, and self-employed– sporadic clerical worker. She was a professional go-fer when she wasn’t a professional student until health issues indicated she become a professional, full-time, self-healer. Poetry is her therapy.

She wrote a sarcastic letter-to-the-editor on the bomb trains, a matter of fact reprimand of the parole review board, and a number of charged comments about the lousy state of certain things. She is thankful she doesn’t have a TV, so she doesn’t have to see herself on the news with a protest sign.

Jessica wrote her first poem at age six and attributes Mother Goose as her primary influence. Sensing that her wordy tendencies were frowned upon and likely, just a lot of bullshit, she secretly hashed out her emotions through poetry in random bursts. The Albany poetry community drew her in, and she began spilling her poetic guts on a regular basis.

Jessica’s poetry might be described as semi-traditional, straight-forward, musical, confessional, egoistical, gynocentric, and angsty; sometimes cautionary, dystopian, observational, or self-deprecating; and often dialectical. Her ferocious need to process emotions drives her writing. She is grateful to be constantly learning and changing in her writing as well as in life, and to have such a wonderful community of poets, activists, and spiritual friends to influence her.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys learning about non-violent communication and spiritual practices, working at the local food co-op, volunteering at her religious society, walks in the park, and turning her glutard recipes into blog posts.

Jessica lives in somewhere in the world Winking smile—when she is not at her Villa in Aviero, Portugal. She’s on Facebook @

On that note, I hope you enjoy these samples of my work.


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