Writing Routine

Writing Routine

Hope it sticks.

· Clean desk, or move all the shit on your desk to the table.

· Feel grateful that you put some things away – especially the important stuff.

· Put things in places where they make sense, or where they will be a step closer to making sense.

· Disinfect, wipe and dry the desk and the contents on the surface of the desk.

· Put recharged crystal on desk – to keep the energy light.

· Fill up the humidifier and add essential oils. Vetiver is your favorite.

· Get water.

· Get tea.

· Moisturize hands.

· Set timer.

· Shift monitor and keyboard to best possible positions.

· Open new document.

· Start typing.

· Feel tense in arms and hands. Worry about ulnar nerve entrapment, tenosynovitis, carpal tunnel, and if you can afford regular trips to the clinical massage therapist who plays Grateful Dead while she works.

· Feel good about this new habit you’re starting. Beat down doubting Harriet. Fuck you Harriet.

· Beg for more time.

· Wonder why it is an effort to write in one voice or one tense. Tick-tick-tick-tick…

· Watch your mind busy itself with…

o wondering what’s going on in facebook. Same shit. Don’t worry about it.

o wondering if you’ll ever meet someone super cool. Whatever. Meet yourself. Peace.

· Is the time up when it dings, or when it’s stops ticking?


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