Freelance = Funds

Hello. I am exploring the possibility of attracting funds doing what I do best and offering up my writing services. (The other options aren’t ideal and didn’t work the first time.)

I’m willing to do copy editing, copy writing, ghost writing, assist in academic writing or grant writing, website content, social justice actions, blog posts, articles, song and jingle writing etc. at a reasonable fee for someone of my experience. I would also be thrilled to review books and share reviews through social media in exchange for a free copy of said book. (It’s not easy on my income to buy all the books I’d like.)

I currently copy-edit at 10 cents a word. (There may be a small extra fee to copy-edit additional re-writes of the same material if the writer doesn’t use “track changes.”) My relationship with time is quite different from the mainstream experience of it, so charging by the hour would not be desirable for the client.

I lack a college degree. In support of my abilities, I claim the following: In the seven and a half years that I tried to graduate, I aced my copy writing class, did well in English courses, and received high grades in almost all of my academic papers. My academic past also includes some experience in music, music education, music therapy, art, technical theater, radio broadcasting, and dance.  Writing is my preferred means of communicating – to soul as well. It seems I really do value communication, however socially inept I may be. Some of my friends like my style of writing so much that they’ve asked to work with me on projects we care about.

I am fairly familiar with Non-Violent Communication. I attempt to use it with a lot of my writing, and would be thrilled if someone wanted that from me. They say you can catch more flies with honey, but I see the mainstream trying to catch flies with fear. Ultimately that weakens humanity and sets us back in accomplishing our mission (love, freedom, peace).

I’m willing to write about any topic, but being passionate about the topic  makes it easier. My primary interests are natural and healthy food, healthy recipes, natural health, mental/emotional health, social justice, nutrition, herbs, gardening/farming, composting, fermented food, animals, plants, NVC (Non-Violent Communication), and poetry.

I know my blog writing tends to be a little profane and heavy on the slang, idioms, and clichés. I’m working on that, except when I’m consumed with venting. My professional writing doesn’t look like that.

So think of me when you are struggling for the right words in your project. You would be helping me get this business of life to work for me, as well supporting me in my goals of self-care and independence!  I welcome any tips on how to do the freelance thing right!


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