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Quickie Review: The Places the Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times

Anything by Pema Chodron is nourishing! The chapter on the Spiritual Friend was very helpful. Pema takes the teachings of the spiritual masters and distills it into something easily digestible. I love her! Advertisements

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Just Saying a Bunch of Shit on April 18, 2017

Oddly folks have been looking at my website and facebook page. Hopefully, not the same folks – that would be creepy. It’s odd because I don’t post regularly. It’s seems I un-publish more than I publish. I took down four … Continue reading

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Deep Breath. In and out. Repeat. It’s funny how quickly my vibration can go from emanating and attracting love, creativity, and joy to drawing in lack, insensitivity, and cruel behavior. I could take it personally. It happens. Sometimes I feel … Continue reading

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Art Appreciation

Here’s my take on both being appreciated for your writing (or any other art form, or any contribution) and appreciating the writing (or any other art form, or any contribution) of others: First be grateful for what your (writing) gives … Continue reading

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Fuckin’ Fireworks!!!

Oh how wonderful that small fireworks are now legal in NYS. Does it really matter? All summer people are poppin’ off fireworks in this city as if it were no danger or inconvenience—whether it’s legal or not. The empire state … Continue reading

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Blog Insecurities

I started blogging, in 2007, before I knew what it was— on a support group site, when illness made my life so challenging and isolating that I turned to the internet for help. In 2009, I started a blogspot where … Continue reading

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