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A Poem for National Poetry Month

Hi! I’ve noticed folks are going crazy posting poetry. Maybe that’s because I tend to follow the blogs of poets, but I think that April being National Poetry month has a little more to do with it. So one hour left to the month and I will share one of my poems with you. Continue reading

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Writing Routine

Writing Routine Hope it sticks. · Clean desk, or move all the shit on your desk to the table. · Feel grateful that you put some things away – especially the important stuff. · Put things in places where they … Continue reading

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Women’s March

I just joined the Disability March, which was a pleasant surprise to discover – especially since I cancelled my reservation to March in NYC is Saturday. See explanation below: Decided not to go to the Women’s March in NYC after … Continue reading

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Bomb Trains! – the Song & Poem

Here’s a song I wrote about the dangers of Bomb Trains (trains carrying crude-oil all over North America), that I truly believe was given to me by God. The melody came to me in my sleep, and I got up … Continue reading

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Started poetry left unfinished. Sometimes about despair that never ends. Sometimes about gratitude that never ends.   NeverEnding possibilities NeverEnding opportunities Limitless abundance Limitless Love   There is so much poetry left unfinished. Poetry— like existence has no limits. © … Continue reading

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Chocolate is Legal

In the spirit of the old Burma-Shave ads. Prompt thanks to NaPoWriMo 2014.   Instead of prison For a mere joint Taste a flavor That won’t disappoint Chocolate is legal.       © J. Rae

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Socializing Blues

Leaving a social gathering is followed by the blues. I’m heavy and unequal. A triangular conversation leaves me feeling ridiculous. The woody area where my grounding tree comforts attracts the snout of a dog that reminds me of an otter. … Continue reading

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