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Women’s March

I just joined the Disability March, which was a pleasant surprise to discover – especially since I cancelled my reservation to March in NYC is Saturday. See explanation below: Decided not to go to the Women’s March in NYC after … Continue reading

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Originally posted on TALON:
    POETS & WRITERS STAND AGAINST TRUMP  : JANUARY 20th, 2017 AT 8PM On Friday, January 20th Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as The President of the United States of America. This will…

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Bomb Trains! – the Song & Poem

Here’s a song I wrote about the dangers of Bomb Trains (trains carrying crude-oil all over North America), that I truly believe was given to me by God. The melody came to me in my sleep, and I got up … Continue reading

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Albany Opposes Pilgrim Oil Pipelines in Late Night Vote

Originally posted on Protecting Our Waters:
Community to Council: “We Aim to Stop These Pipelines” Willie White, AVillage Executive Director, testifies against Pilgrim pipelines. Photo: Iris Marie Bloom The City of Albany Common Council voted on Monday, May 16th to oppose the…

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Bomb Trains

Do you  know that trains carrying hundreds of tank cars filled with volatile crude oil everyday criss-cross the US and Canada? The cars are highly explosive upon impact. Technically they are not explosions, but conflagrations capable of vaporizing anyone within … Continue reading

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The Human Cost of Freedom: Thoughts for the 4th

Originally posted on bay witch musings:
If you are American, particularly if you are a white American, male, Christian (especially if you are Protestant), and most definitely if you are rich; basically, if you have any of the markers in…

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I attended a video screening and discussion today of The Next American Revolution featuring historian and political economist Gar Alperovitz. I’ve never been enamored with economics or politics. There is a necessity in understanding both however. Thank God— or whatever … Continue reading

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