Freelance Services

When you are struggling for the right words in your project, consider employing my services.

I am currently seeking only one client with a monthly assignment while I pursue an academic degree and learn the ropes of starting and maintaining a freelance business. I can be reached via the contact form.

Services I will consider:

  • writing
  • copy editing
  • content writing
  • ghost writing
  • tutoring
  • reviews for books, art shows, films, events


  • academic papers (editing and tutoring)
  • grant applications
  • websites
  • social justice actions
  • blog posts, articles
  • songs and jingles
  • social media

I would also be thrilled to review books and share reviews through social media in exchange for a free copy of said book or other barter ideas like artwork or free admission. (It’s not easy on my income to buy all the books I’d like.)

My relationship with time is quite different from the mainstream experience of it, so charging by the hour would not be desirable for the client. I currently copy-edit at a more than reasonable rate for my experience – 5 cents a word. Minimum charge for any assignment is $12. (If the writer/client doesn’t use “track changes,” there is an additional fee  of 3 cents a word to copy-edit additional re-writes of the same material because it is very time-consuming to track down the changes myself. I also don’t use google docs or deal with “clouds” at this time.)

I have not yet completed my English/Creative Writing Bachelors. I aced my copy writing assignments, did well in English courses, and received high grades in almost all of my academic papers.

My academic past also includes some experience in music, music education, music therapy, art, technical theater, radio broadcasting, and dance, so I welcome requests involving these subjects.

Writer friends who like my style of writing have asked to work with me on projects we care about – for example, environmental justice, green living, holistic dentistry, and community awareness. Requests for writing and editing on these topics are also welcome.

I attempt to use my experience with Non-Violent Communication (NVC) in much of my writing, and would be thrilled if someone wanted this type of writing from me. They say you can catch more flies with honey, but I see the mainstream trying to catch flies with fear. Ultimately that weakens humanity and sets us back in accomplishing our mission (love, freedom, peace). Consider NVC as a tool for real connection, which leads to positive change.

I’m willing to write about any topic – provided it is not against any of my core beliefs. I write best when I’m passionate about the topic. My primary interests are natural and healthy food, healthy recipes, natural health, mental/emotional health, social justice, nutrition, herbs, gardening/farming, composting, fermented food, animals, plants, NVC , and poetry.

My blog writing tends to be a little profane and heavy on the slang, idioms, and clichés.  My professional writing is just that – professional.