Help Me Raise $200 by February 1st for Tuition!

Hartwell Hall from the front

I wanted to share all the beautiful photos of Brockport I took on my orientation trip. I had technical difficulties, so that took some time. They are smaller than I wanted them to be, but at least I have something to share. (I could only share a few photos here, so check my fb or email me for more.)

Anyway, I’ve been busy with my new course. I had assignments a week before the class started. I’ve just completed my first two official assignments (not including the many icebreaker activities). I’ve read many articles, chapters, and watched videos. I have to finish a novel and write about it by the 31st. It is intense. I’ve hardly had time for taking care of other basic things. It is fun and hard.

I’m learning, writing, and discussing gender inequality around the globe. I can’t think of a better class to be taking at this time. This class is a powerhouse 300 level course that fulfills three requirements and the two Brockport specific ones that I need. After this, it’s all English and writing courses.

You all made this possible! I hope to receive $200 in donations by February 1st to cover my second of three tuition payments. Would you please share my campaign to help me reach my goal?

Another request: I am looking for an hour or so of work per month, preferably editing or content writing, but will consider light housekeeping, clerical work and organizing jobs. This will help ensure affordable healthcare. Would you please let me know if you or anyone else is interested?


Sculpture in front of Drake Memorial Library
Joy and Happiness to All the Children of the World by Zurab Tsereteli

My orientation trip –


Crazy day. I’m trying to keep my eyes open to layout my busy day on campus at The College of Brockport. The train had a brake failure when we were almost to Utica. We had to wait inside the train for the next train from Albany to send an emergency engine for us. A four-hour ride turned into eight hours.

Had dinner with my old friend Darren! 🙂

Noted the differences between CDTA and RTS transit.

Arrived at the Econolodge and spent at least an hour cleaning. Even if I weren’t “housekeeping” for at least several years, I’d know the place wasn’t cleaned.

Yay, I’m here. Tomorrow I find out about all the support services, the campus, and meet people!


Another challenging day, mostly because of fatigue, hunger, uncooperative footwear and feet, and too much weight in my bags.

Plenty of good stuff though. Completed my intake interview at the Office of Students with Disabilities. Met with an English adviser who advised me which courses to take. Interacted a little with other students (when their noses came up from their cell phones). I did meet a 48 year old woman just starting college. It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one. Asked lots of questions at the information desk. Checked out one dining area. Found the lockers. Bought my books. Checked out the Student Center and met secretary. Checked out the Transfer Center and met staff there. Checked out the Student Learning Center and met staff. Got an idea of where things are located. Got my photo ID. (It’s hilarious.)

In the afternoon, it was quiet and a nice time to take photos. Too tired to share, but will upload them when things calm down. Probably after Wednesday when my first two assignments are complete.

Unfortunately, the college was a 25-minute walk away from the motel and my snow boots hurt me. Luckily, Wegman’s and TJ Maxx were across the street from the motel. I was fascinated with Wegman’s and it’s good to know they have plenty of options for food sensitivities (and foot care – ouch). TJ Maxx was a blessing since it had the perfect rolling duffel bag to make the next two days easier.

Bummed that I will likely not finish The Golden House before my 14 days are up at the library. I have read half of many books, lol. I’ll be devouring Nervous Conditions for my intense Women & Gender studies class. I have to make a video for a final project.

Extremely early day tomorrow. Hope I sleep well and rise early.

Office for Students with Disabilities: Completed my intake interview


I’m so burnt out. I forgot to take advantage of the shuttle bus this evening. I wanted to know the route and maybe get a look at parts of town I haven’t seen.

Everything was so fast paced this morning during the New Student Welcome with lots of moving about and no breaks. I learned some things about being a student there, but didn’t get to know anyone too well despite the icebreaker activity. I forgot to turn my survey in during the commotion. Then I participated in “Saturday of Service.” We helped set up for a Three Kings Day celebration for migrant farm workers.

Tomorrow I’d like to get up early, pack everything up, and walk to downtown. It will take at least 45 minutes and I’ll be loaded up with stuff. At 1, I’ll go on a tour of campus. I need to arrange for an Uber or Lyft to get to the train on time. I’ve not done that before either. Hope it works out.

I have to pass out now.

(I did visit downtown for about eight minutes and was given an abbreviated tour of campus. I like it. It’s all compact and homey. I managed to get a Lyft and saw the Brockport College shuttle bus pull out of the Amtrak station as I was coming in. Grrr.)

Main Street

Train was an hour late coming home and I’m still nursing blisters on my feet. It was worth it.

Now I’m heading back to the online classroom. I just remembered that I forgot to use questions in two of my comments. We are using Socratic questioning to have rich discussions about the material.

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