Mid-Term Campaign Update

Hello Lovely Supporters!


This is Anastasia, one of my supporters.

This is probably my last update for this semester. It is hard to write presentable updates, while also writing at least three papers a week. It’s nearing the end of a Spring Break that wasn’t as productive as expected. Perhaps I’m just measuring productivity wrong. I did guiltily steal some sleep and treated myself to a belated birthday movie (Black Panther) —totally worth it! From here on until May 5th, I’ll be working almost primarily on my course.

I will dedicate a little time to the Co-op Voice because I love the Co-op, I love to write, and I need the practice. Please check out the latest issue on Sunday. By the way, the Co-op Voice has a great deal on advertising!

I’m doing well in the class. My mid-term grade is in the 90s. I don’t know the exact grade because I haven’t seen it yet. Considering all but one grade range from 93.5-100, I think I’m good so far. The tough part is the three-part final project counts for 25% of my grade, so no resting yet.

I’ve been struggling with fatigue, chemical sensitivities, and other symptoms. That’s not entirely new, just a bit worse recently. I’m keeping up my medical appointments and will see a neurologist (to rule out anything in that area) when the semester is over.

I hope to see a bit more of my friends after May 5th. I’d like to get out for poetry, AlbanyUU, Co-op activities, recreation, and the like. I’ll also be downsizing and packing what I can for my move to Brockport before Fall semester.

My living and working situation is unsure June through August. Last update, I let you know I received a call for subsidized housing in Brockport. Between the timing and the money situation, I had to turn it down. There is an expected opening in June and there is a good chance I will get a call for that. I hope to raise enough money and other support, such as packing and moving transportation, by mid-May to cover the costs of that move.

It is more than I’m paying now and there is smoking allowed (very bad for me). There is slim chance I will find a better alternative. I don’t do well with roommates and I doubt I will find any that are good with a month-to-month lease. The cheapest apartment complex in the area is still $60 more AND I’m not eligible because my income isn’t 2.5 times the rent. Everywhere I’ve lived on my income has allowed smoking and has cost more than the place I’m looking to get into. (Current place is non-smoking, but not always.) I will dig out my budget from three years ago (before I lived in subsidized housing) to figure out how to get by until I get fully subsidized rent. I’m on a list for that, so the rent can go down. I’m also on two lists for non-smoking buildings with fully subsidized rent. I can move to one when I come up on the list.

I meet with someone, who presumably has some capital letters after her name, hired by the bureaucratic agency that supposedly exists to help disabled folks get back to work, to take some tests to prove my skills, aptitudes, and interests. The purpose of this is not to support my goal, but to offer me other goal options. Not thrilled about this technique, but going through the motions (since June 26, 2017). This happens Monday. Wish me luck, pray, send vibes – whatever you want to do.

I have found work enough to maintain qualification for affordable insurance! I will be looking for about ten hours more a week after May 5th to help pay for the move and tuition. It will be a challenge not knowing when I will move. Remote work would be ideal. I’m all booked on housekeeping work, which is tough on my body. I can offer editing and writing services, clerical work, organizing help, house sitting, and pet sitting. Please keep me in mind. (Supporters get a lower price!)

I have to admit I’m anxious about my final grade and the many upcoming changes, but I also know I can’t tolerate living without this goal. I am also aware of how messed up things are politically. I don’t count on anything except that time is limited on this planet. No more waiting or saying I can’t do it.

Thanks to your donations, I will have Spring semester tuition paid in full on Tuesday. Thanks to a generous donor, I have almost half of what I need for first month’s rent and deposit in June! Would you please share my campaign so I can raise money for the move? I am raising my goal to accommodate two classes in the Fall; in the event bureaucratic helper agency does not come through again.

Peace and love. Hope to see you soon!


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